Print Media: Another Piece of the Advertising Arsenal

Printing is another avenue to pursue when creating effective ad campaigns. And when it comes to creating catchy ads, The Ash Fox Group excels.

Several of our clients rely on print media, including ads destined for high-end magazines and newspapers. Others send postcards in the mail. And, of course, many companies print flyers that they hand out at the office or slap on windshields. Whatever you're thinking, we'll create something that won't get discarded right away.

On the other end of those glossy spreads is your business cards. They're the smallest item you'll hand out, yet they say way more about your company than you might realize. If you jumbled some text together in Word and then printed them on your sister-in-law's inkjet, you might want to rethink that one.

We've designed so many print pieces that it's impossible to count them all, such as this door hanger for a company that maintains public highways and government land — they wanted to break into the home lawncare market to diversify their client base. And we said, "Makes sense to us. Let's do it."

Your corporate brand is made up of a lot of pieces that go way beyond your website and social networking. Everything has to work together. We'll make sure your print ads match and reflect your corporate image! From elegant looking brochures to ValuPak coupons to full-blown magazine glossy glamour spreads, we'll make you proud.

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