Image isn’t everything, but it’s certainly the first thing; don’t let your company’s first impression be its last!

If you're secretly tearing your hair out because your website's totally embarrassing, don't get triggered — just breathe. You've found the right place to decompress. Redesigning and modernizing websites is what we do. And we do it well.

The Ash Fox Group caters to companies that want to build a stronger brand and improve public perception. Did you know, for example, that statistics show that a dated website causes users to instantly assume that your company is equally stale? Unfair, but true. And here's one more: if your site has poor and/or clumsy navigation, 69% of users will get frustrated within 7.2 seconds and click away in disgust. So think about that for a second — you could actually have great content, but if a user can't easily find it, chances are their first and negative impression will be their last.

The unnerving fact is this: your website could actually be doing you more harm than you know, which is scary because all marketing materials usually point to it; however, the good news is this: we'll bring a cannon to the party and fix all the issues that are holding your corporate image hostage. We'll redesign your site and help you attract the clients you want with a professional, clean and modern design. So get ready for a boomtastic change.

Let's start the conversation

"It's no secret that, whatever the task, lawyers are notoriously difficult to work for, so it speaks volumes that Ash was able to create us a website that integrated our firm's mission and expertise into a clean, succint, coherent and beautiful website. The final product was exactly what we wanted and more. Ash is incredibly intuitive and artistic — he knows what works and what doesn't. Perhaps more importantly, he is extremely skilled in facilitating the process to create a website that is truly reflective of a company's mission and expertise; his communication skills are second to none. Ash, we'd love to keep you supplied with an endless supply of See's Dark Chocolate Nougats & Dr. Pepper for life, but we're concerned that we'll need you longer than this diet will sustain you. Thank you, thank you for your amazing work!"

The Name that People Trust

For 21 years, The Ash Fox Group been the name that people trust. Companies, individuals and politicians come to us to get the job done right...more often than not after a previous design has seriously gone off the rails, crash landed and burned. One thing we need to throw out there: we don't develop/redesign Wordpress sites for a multitude of reasons, the primary reason being, while Wordpress has matured greatly during the last decade, it still suffers from core security issues that pose an unacceptable risk for us to pass on to our clients — so trying to bribe us with a Starbucks grande, double chocolately-chip frappuccino, non-fat, with whip won't help (but we sincerely appreciate all attempts).

We communicate like there's no tomorrow. We'll never be dismissive or purposely vague, and we definitely won't try to intimidate you into submission by speaking techy when, in reality, simple and straightforward words will do. We believe great business relationships are founded on solid communication. We'll never leave you in the dark regarding anything.

We're dedicated to providing clean, efficient, and functional design. We've been hired by every type of entity there is, including defense contractors (no, we can't talk about those projects). Your website will look great on any device (e.g. monitor, tablet, cell) because it'll be mobile-responsive out-of-the-box and powered by HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript.

We don't believe in bogus minimum charges and tiny fine print, hence there is none. You'll never need to worry about getting charged up the yin-yang if you want to change a sentence or two. If it takes us two minutes to change a paragraph and upload it, you'll get an invoice with a line item for two minutes. No one else offers that.

Seriously, Let's Start the Conversation

Yes, roses are red,
And violets are, well...are they violet or blue?
Violet's an actual color, so why do they say they're blue?
And who are "they," anyway?
And more importantly, what's that got to do with fixing your website?

"Your website is the most important marketing piece you'll ever create, mainly because it'll be the first thing people see when they Google you. Think of it like a weapon: it has the power, along with advertising ammo, to blow away the competition. But if you build it without having any intention of leveraging it, and simply plan on leaving it in your corporate holster just for show, your competition won't need to disarm you — you're going to shoot your own foot."

Ash Fox

Current Production Schedule

Website projects are put into production within two weeks. Due to the fact that every project is different, it's impossible to state that any potential project will be done in x-number of days; however, most smaller projects have more-often-than-not been completed within two weeks, while larger projects necessarily require more time. If you'd like us to send us an inquiry, please feel free to do so and tell us what you'd like to do. We don't need a novel, but we do need enough general detail to decide if it's something we can squeeze in. We get back to people right away.