Broadcast Media: Affordable TV, Radio and Video Post-production Services

Small-to-midsize firms tend to shy away from video production due to cost. And statistics/marketing surveys show that, of those that do venture into the water, more than half get hit with a tidal wave of poor production and never leave the beach again. And that's a shame because great footage is only as good as the post-production facility...and unfortunately, there are a plethora of poor post-production studios out there.

Instead of showing you the Gold's Gym commercial we produced that you've probably already seen on TV, we'd like to present a trickier project that came across our desk: making a 30-second ad utilizing only photos. Now, most facilities would veer away from a task like this because it circumvents all norms, but we embraced it because, well, that's what we do.

We've also produced music videos, TV commercials and corporate videos that play in lobbies while your clients wait. We've even produced a 45-minute film for something military-related (yes, our lips are sealed).

Service/Rate National Account Local Vendor The Ash Fox Group
Film crew $30,000-$100,000 Vendor supplied video Vendor supplied video
Post-Production $250-$400 per hour, with an average 40 hours required per 30 seconds of video $5000-$8500 fee. Turnaround generally takes three weeks to a month. $2500-$5000 fee. Turnaround can be done within a week.
Quality Professional Semi-Professional Professional
Tools Avid/Premiere Pro with industry leading extensions Prosumer products, such as Vegas, Elements Avid/Premiere Pro with industry leading extensions
Audio Pro voiceover None Pro voiceover
Returns Source Files No No Yes
Script Ad agency writes Does not provide Written by a professional writer with in-depth advertising experience
Communicates with Networks Yes No Yes
TV Executive Experience Yes No Yes

30-second Client Ad for 2016 Warrior Tournament Fitness Competition/TV

(yes, our client was a competitor)

Radio Ad/Voiceover Production

Did you know that The Ash Fox Group offers pro-voiceover talent? We do. It all started shortly after the internet launched and we produced our first radio commercial with nothing but a borrowed synthesizer. Needless to say, times and methods and production capabilities have changed two decades later...but we still get a nostalgic kick every time we hear it.

Many companies have hired us to be the voice of their internal training videos, web-based presentations, radio ads, and television ads. We were even commissioned to narrate and produce a film for a branch of the military. A not-too-rare story we hear is that the person that previously did the voiceover for company-x has left the company. This can present a major problem with companies that wish to maintain one voice throughout all media projects.

Please note: We no longer produce radio ads in-house as it's easier to work with the radio station you want to broadcast on. Most radio stations will produce your radio ad for free in exchange for running it x-number of times (so it's not free, but you get the jist). We can certainly be your voice, though. Tell us when and where to be, and we'll take care of it.

Our radio ad way back in the day of modems!

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