Broadcast Media: Affordable TV, radio and video post-production services

The Ash Fox Group excels at producing affordable broadcast assets for those that don't have $100,000 budgets for a film crew. In fact, most of our clients simply drop a bunch of photos on our desk and tell us to run with it. You name the style and purpose, and we've probably produced it. From wedding proposals to longer videos that play in a front lobby while people wait, we've done it. And every time, it turns out great.

Service/Rate National Account Local Vendor The Ash Fox Group
Film crew $30,000-$100,000 Vendor supplied video Vendor supplied video
Post-Production $250-$400 per hour, with an average 40 hours required per 30 seconds of video $5000-$8500 fee. Turnaround generally takes three weeks to a month. $2500-$5000 fee. Turnaround can be done within a week.
Quality Professional Semi-Professional Professional
Tools Avid/Premiere Pro with industry leading extensions Prosumer products, such as Vegas, Elements Avid/Premiere Pro with industry leading extensions
Audio Pro voiceover None Pro voiceover
Returns Source Files No No Yes
Script Ad agency writes Does not provide Written by a professional writer with in-depth advertising experience
Communicates with Networks Yes No Yes
TV Executive Experience Yes No Yes

Radio Ad Production

If there's ever been a great time to advertise on radio, it's now. Advertising rates have plummeted and competition is fierce. The Ash Fox Group will create a radio spot for you that truly reflects your image. We'll write the script (unless you have one) and our industrious composer will create the music. And when it's done, we'll even get the finished file to the radio station on your behalf. And, unlike other vendors that hold your files ransom, we'll provide you copies in all common formats (.aif, .mp3, .wma) immediately upon completion of the project. They are, after all, your property.

Prices fluxuate between $1500 and $2500, and are usually done within one week.

Our radio ad way back in the day of modems!